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Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Solution Companies in Europe - 2021

Insurance Claims Management software focuses primarily on providing information essential for the evaluation of claims with a centralized system of record. Beyond providing operational efficiency in the management of claims, insurance claims systems should also reduce the risk of fraudulent claims by providing access to all relevant data associated to claims in an organized fashion, supporting risk evaluation.

In a landscape that is becoming increasingly competitive as various providers reveal innovative operating models and strategies, insurance companies need to constantly stay on their toes to stay relevant in the market. The modern insurance claims process is increasingly complex. More variables and data are constantly coming into play, and carriers must determine appropriate settlements and flag potential fraud faster than ever. On top of technical challenges, insurers are dealing with their customers during stressful and vulnerable moments; times when the delicate balance of empathy and automation must be struck in order to give insureds the peace of mind they seek.

When competing in such a scenario, it is imperative for all the stakeholders to understand the dynamics of the market and assess information on upcoming trends to plan and strategize. Our listed wealth management solutions and service providers with vendor details and client reviews will help you analyze and choose the best-fit.

To help leaders navigate through the list of claims processing and management solution providers, our panel comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Insurance CIO Outlook has narrowed down the top companies in this landscape who exhibit competence in delivering robust innovations. We present to you Insurance CIO Outlook's Top 10 Claims Processing and Management Solution Companiesin Europe - 2021

    Top Claims Processing and Management Solution Companies in Europe

  • 360Globalnet is an independent digital technology and services business focused on the worldwide insurance industry. The company’s goal is to provide digital online platform technology that will revolutionise the insurance claims process by offering customers the same standard of experience as that of online retail shopping. At the core of the company’s offerings is its digital insurance platform, 360SiteView—which creates a single digital claim record and can be accessed by all permitted parties along the supply chain. Thus, no data is duplicated, all calendar entries are synchronised, and the whole process is transparent

  • Digital and fully automated solutions provider for claim processing and management

  • GT Motive was founded in 1971 with an aim to bring standardization and universal access to automotive manufacturers (OEM) repair data. The company has embraced the open platform and are currently offering a solution which connects a number of artificial intelligence and machine learning partners into its core solution suite. In this workflow, partners identify vehicle damages from images uploaded throughout the claim. GT Motive takes that output, layers it with additional intelligence, and uses its breadth of vehicle and repair data and expertise to transform that into a draft estimate

  • Posthuma Partners is an internationally oriented software house and actuarial consultancy firm that offers services to the non-life insurance market and provides solutions for financial Risk Management. Posthuma Partners has been offering consultancies since 1997, improving the results of its clients by delivering tailor-made solutions. Its AI-powered software, especially for the financial sector, includes out-of-the-box solutions for insurance claims evaluation, forecasting future cash flows and reserve requirements. The latest AI techniques are made available in a simple implementation

  • Quadra was incorporated in 2010 and has followed a clear strategic plan to remain an independent business providing specialist claims management and loss adjusting services. As a specialist loss adjusting and claims management services business Quadra is driven by its team’s technical expertise. Its work is delivered by qualified professionals who handle every claim with the highest levels of integrity and its aim is to provide a service that not only provides value to its clients but also enhances their market reputation by the service that the company provides to its customers

  • SoftProject offers products and services for digitizing and automating business processes in all industries since 2000. SoftProject's Claim Gateway connects insurance companies, service providers and customers on one platform, thus allowing communication partners, services and apps to be connected electronically. Regardless of the user interfaces, the data is converted into a specified format, reducing the connection effort and speeding up digitization

  • Argo Group

    Argo Group

    Argo Group is a U.S.-focused underwriter of specialty insurance products in the property and casualty market. The firm offers full line of products and services designed to meet the unique coverage and claims-handling needs of businesses. Since 1957, Argo share a strong commitment to working together with independent agents, wholesale brokers and retail brokerage partners to deliver innovative products for niche markets. Headquartered in Bermuda, Argo is a diverse company with multiple offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Brazil and United Arab Emirates

  • Claider


    Claider is reshaping the way in which we claim. Based on the know-how of 25K loss adjusting reports for main insurances, 20K cat nat reports and 15 years of experience in the industry. Claider is the first InsurTech company to drive the claims process fully into the future, digitising data from the very start and optimising the way in which brokers, claims handlers, loss adjusters and insurers work, both independently and together, to reach fast and fair settlements for customers. The company's SaaS platform integrates into existing management systems and connects its app and web platform, meaning claims are reported by the insured, handled by the professionals and closed together - Digitally. No pens. No paper. No delays

  • Claims Corporation Network

    Claims Corporation Network

    CCN is a full-fledged InsurTech Service Provider (TPA). The foundation of CCN is based on the ambition to truly innovate customer service concepts while coping with the current challenges insurance companies are facing. In a constantly changing landscape, customers are expecting new innovative services from the insurance sector with easy access to technology solutions and simple ways to report, track & trace a claim and communicate about its status and take-out unnecessary costs, delays and service displeasures. CCN’s philosophy is to support clients in controlling and mitigating the total cost of claims with a platform that allows for fast, easy and simple claim handling

  • Rightpath Insurance Solutions

    Rightpath Insurance Solutions

    Established in 2007, Rightpath Insurance Solutions is an industry-leading specialist claims management and administration company driven to excel through insight, innovation and the continuous aim to provide the very best in customer service. Operating under a range of dedicated sub-brands, Rightpath Insurance Solutions’ expert teams support 1000’s of businesses, groups and individual insurance claimants every year in the rapid and smooth resolution of their claim